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28 August at 00:00 UTC+02 – 29 August at 00:00 UTC+02

Online event

online concert/event 


Pianowork of Erik Satie  from 1890-1895 in dialogue with texts, quotations, science, literature from the end of 19th century untill today. A dialogue with silence, with architecture, with modern and contemporary music, with ourselves through meditation.


SILENCE an experience with time in architectural space


28 Aug.’21 - 00:00 > 23:59 


one day / night in the magnificent space of the White Gallery, Brussels showing audio visual strategies for this phenomenal space. Transforming it into a museum concert environnement exploring works and writings by Eric Satie, John Cage, Martin Maloney, Marcel Broodthaers, Antoine Bueger, Carlo Inderhees, Eva-Maria HoubenBruno Duplant.

We created an online showcase space on Vimeo, where you can follow some of our explorations:


plug & play 


Including artists : Astrid Bas (text) | Guy Vandromme (piano) | Maja Jantar (video) | Tom Hannes (Zen sitting / walking session)

Hosted by Timemonochromes


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