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Air Pressure


In this project of ACT2 (Belgium, Brussels) Luciana Elizondo and Guy Vandromme will get in close collaboration with artists, sound engineers,

scientists, architects, towns, nature, special places in Argentina in order to reflect on the sonore cartographical qualities of the region. At each geographical location we did organize musical living interventions set up as a concept of a pop-up living installation.

Based on architectural spaces - that became sonoric environments - we set up a temporary track / circuit that transformed the town into a living sound installation.

At different spots the public were invited to join into the immersive sound reflections on the town, whether by doing sound walks at 6am in the morning, or by passing by cheLA in Buenos Aires where they could make their own sustained work, were able to enjoy the video / audio installation dialogue with Argentina continiously, or could participate in on a live musical yoga session in town in one of the marvelous acoustical spots, or could listen to numerous concerts of old and new music from composers such as Tobias Hume, Morton Feldman, Tobias Cabado, Eva-Maria Houben, Jürg Frey, Michael Pisaro-Liu, Fabio Gionfrida and many others.


The installation made it possible to use the town as a sonoric eco-system that was reflecting the heritage of the outside reality as a unique geographical sonoric location.

This project is a reflection that is oriented towards the citizens of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Bariloche, Mendoza and Terre del Fuego and their environment, the schools, the cultural oriented visitors, yoga/tai-chi fans, musical & festival driven listeners and the tourists in general.

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Air Pressure
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