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Méditations sur le piano - Eva-Maria Houben

13th of March 2021 – 12am   - end 2nd April 2021

Guy Vandromme – keyboard

Maja Jantar –  visual monochromes

Silas Bieri – sound engineer  

Roel Snellebrand – microphones - visuals

Daan ‘tytgat – mixing

Adriaan Severins - conceptualisation 


“I love the amazing decay of the low bass sounds. Each sound releases a wealth of partials; each sound has its own life from the beginning to its full decay which opens the wide space for the new upcoming sound anytime and anywhere.”

The series of compositions called “Méditations sur le piano 1” began in 2017 is dedicated to Johann Jacob Froberger, a Baroque composer, keyboard virtuoso and artist. Froberger connected his daily life with musical ideas and new compositions and handled the keyboard very thoughtful, restraint where each single note could be the last one.

This close connection between music and everyday life is what Guy Vandromme aims to realize between the 13thof March and the 2nd of April 2021, Each day the public, listener will be welcomed to open up his mind for a new “Méditations sur le piano…” a series of 17 compositions that vary in time length from 25 minutes up to more than more than 100 minutes where sounds will appear and disappear like motions in nature, without any effort, for more than two weeks as a long lasting lamentation, a tribute to humanity.

“A change does not happen while looking back; a change happens while going on.” Eva-Maria Houben 

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