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Open call:

for field recording artists in Argentina to share audio cartographic sound reflections with the focus on the regions around San Carlos de Bariloche, Mendoza, Rosario and Buenos Aires to be part of a living performative installation ‘Timemonochromes…en dialogo con Argentina’.


Looking for:

Field recorders / sound artists to be part of the project “Timemonochromes…en dialogo con Argentina” presented at the art center cheLA Buenos Aires between November 23-25th  2023. Work of a selected number of field recorders will be chosen and integrated in sound/video installation. Students, public, performers, artists and guests take part in the living performative incisions.



‘Timemonochromes…in dialogue with…‘ is an cultural event taking place in different regions around the world. It reflects on natural habitats and urbanistic environments and shows the existing geographical micro- and macro-biotopes based on a unique musical DNA strand, a code that is the cartographical sound mapping of the environment and the moment.

The living installation is a temporarily sound/video-set up where different musical interventions take place during a period of minimum three days.


Artistic direction:

Luciana Elizondo, viola da gamba  

Guy Vandromme, pianist, conductor and art producer



ACT2 will look after the layering of the different materials. They are responsible for the choice of locations, composers, sound designers or field recorders. The chosen material can range from the sound of a monastery cell, a river, the wheezing of a summer breeze, a cable car, the roaring sound of a sport manifestation and thus does not question the artistic experience in the traditional playgrounds but looks to an alternative artistic dramaturgy as a living musical language. The final selection of the field recordings will never take the age, gender, ethnicity, religion, cultural background, ability, or education into consideration.


Deadline: October 31 2023

Selected artists will be informed in the second week of November 2023.


Maximum length:

60 minutes



ACT2 – Brussels

In-Discourse – Malmö

cheLA – Buenos Aires




“Timemonochromes…in dialogue with” is an answer to the question about delay, about the interaction between the environment, nature, space, the participant and the audience. The musical monochromy of a continuous passage of time is depicted as time laps of delay and stillness. A production that is (apparently) beyond time.

The dialogue is based on following trinity, a formal dialogue of three musical entities inspired by Tobias Hume, a Scottish Late-Renaissance composer, who constructed most of his music like this. These three steps are crucial in how we construct our interventions.

Parts as the bass layer that focusses on multitude sources, field recordings and polyphony

Passion or the expressive power of the melody

Division or the source of variation

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